Saturday soapbox

This soapbox is yours to use as you will – within the bounds of decency and absence of defamation.

You’re welcome to look back or forward, discuss issues of the moment, to pontificate, ponder or point us to something of interest, to educate, elucidate or entertain, to muse or amuse.



7 Responses to Saturday soapbox

  1. Viv says:

    Ele, in a recent post about summer days I asked you if you would be happy for children to swim in the Kakanui river at Clifton falls. You said yes. In today’s ODT the water quality at Clifton falls is reported as poor, not suitable for swimming. Did you know that? If you did, why did you say you would be happy for children to be in that water?

  2. homepaddock says:

    I didn’t know, as I said we drink that water.

  3. Viv says:

    That’s a worry for you, I guess it’s time to start boiling it and see what can be done to clean it up. Though boiling is not an option for stock obviously, they’ll be drinking it too. It’s not right that water users aren’t kept up to date with water quality tests, that must be changed.

  4. Andrei says:

    Oh no – the sky is falling an we all gonna die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. adam2314 says:

    You could be right Andrei…

    There will soon be calls for mothers to stop spitting on their hankies to clean grubby faces..

  6. homepaddock says:

    It did say based on historical data. The council is usually very prompt with warnings should water not be potable.

  7. robertguyton says:

    In adam’s world, mothers still have hankies.

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