Labour/Green crocodile tears

It’s the Opposition’s job to oppose and the Labour and Green parties are particularly good at opposing any initiatives that will lead to investment, growth and jobs:

Once again the hypocrisy of the Labour-Greens opposition is exposed by their criticism today of the need to welcome new business investment in New Zealand, Economic Development Minister Steven Joyce says.

“Both parties have made it clear that they oppose ‘hands-on’ decisions made by this Government to encourage both domestic and international investment for jobs in the New Zealand economy,” Mr Joyce says.

The list of areas where they have opposed investment separately or together is long and varied. It includes:

• Opposed law changes to allow the Hobbit movies to be produced here
• Opposed resource management law changes to speed up investment decisions
• Opposed the plans to build the Auckland Convention Centre
• Opposed oil & gas exploration on the East Coast
• Opposed hydraulic fracturing
• Opposed the investment by Haier in Fisher & Paykel Appliances
• Opposed speeding up Bathurst Resources consents at Denniston
• Opposed Chinese investment
• Opposed international investment generally
• Opposed tax changes to encourage productive investment
• Opposed increased irrigation and intensification of agriculture
• Opposed moves to lessen the ETS costs on trade-exposed businesses

“Every one of these Government moves, and others, are designed specifically to help grow more jobs in New Zealand for New Zealanders,” Mr Joyce says.

“If we want more jobs in New Zealand, we must be prepared to encourage more investment in this country by both domestic and international investors.

“The Prime Minister has made it clear New Zealand needs to become a magnet for new investment to grow jobs and incomes for New Zealand families. I invite opposition parties to join in with that aim.”

IF the Labour/Green opposition to progress which is only talk is bad, a Labour/Green government which could enact their tax and spend, anti-investment, anti-growth, anti-jobs policies would be far, far worse.


2 Responses to Labour/Green crocodile tears

  1. allan says:

    Both labour & the Greens are economic cretins who wouldn’t have a sensible or sound economic policy between the 2 of them. NZ has been very lucky in the fact that we are being led by a party that contains people who have actually worked in the real world and are fully aware of what is needed to prevent the country experiencing a similar economic collapse to what has happened in Europe. We are currently in pretty good shape considering what has occurred with the world economy since 2007.

  2. robertguyton says:

    National has failed to generate a lively economic environment in New Zealand. They promised they would, but they have not. The indicators show they have fallen well short of any mark worth celebrating. The economy was reputedly the field they would excel in, but their scoreboard is all but bare. How about we talk about the unemployment figures? That’d tell the story.

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