Hakwesby tribute to Holmes

Newstalk ZB paid its final tribute to Sir Paul Holmes by broadcasting his funeral service live and commercial-free.

I was driving home from Christchurch and was moved by the tributes paid by his friends.

Among them was John Hawkesby. TV3 has the  video here.

TVNZ has extracts for that and other tributes here.


2 Responses to Hakwesby tribute to Holmes

  1. Richard says:

    A load of puffery, Why is it that media people claim the high ground; both the person who has died – Holmes – and Hawesbury, who clearly thought at one time thought Holmes was a shit and next thinks he is a good fellow- Let us hear more of the really good people who make a real difference- Holmes did not and neither has Hawesbury

  2. Andrei says:

    Its the modern secular way of doing funerals Richard, they become hagiographies of the deceased, often done in best Oprah Winfrey style. The secular are often at their most confused in the face of death and not quite sure what to do

    With Paul Holmes being a media personality and the media being obsessed with itself, in the mistaken belief that everyone else is, this one became a media event.

    Death is however the great leveler, rich or poor, famous or obscure it comes to us all.

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