Friday’s answers

Thursday’s questions were here a an entertaining, educational and eclectic bunch they were.

Alwyn wins the electronic jam for stumping everyone.

That’s assuming the answers given to other questions were correct, if not, the poser can collect the jam by leaving the answer in the comments here.

Rob, whose question would go well on Matinee Idle/Idol is right. That Andrei deserves jam too, and a spot on QI.


2 Responses to Friday’s answers

  1. robertguyton says:

    “the Police were seeking $648,000 in “reparation costs”


    There ya go, Andrei. Something to get steamed up about.

    $648, 000!

  2. Alwyn says:

    The number 400 comes from a self-appointed social arbiter Ward Mcallister in late 19th century New York.
    He said that in that period, “The Gilded Age” there were only 400 people who really mattered in NY, those who would feel at home in a ballroom. It was popularly believed that the number was chosen because it was the size of the ballroom in the house of his patron, Mrs William Backhouse Astor.
    The number was adopted by Forbes for the size of its Rich List.

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