Apricot heaven

“I asked Grandma if she believed in Heaven,” he said.

“She said that no-one who had bitten into a sun-warmed apricot could doubt it.”

4 Responses to Apricot heaven

  1. dragonfly says:

    That reminds me of picking apricots in Roxburgh (around 1983?). There is nothing as magical as a ripe Otago apricot straight from the tree.


  2. pdogge says:

    Weeeell, pretty good but surely heaven must be the “really to die for” Central Otago Nectarines, white or yellow which fly up to us each year…indescribably wonderful…..


  3. pdogge says:

    Which of course is not to give due respect to your gran’s very accurate opinion 🙂


  4. robertguyton says:

    Apricots are all very well but…giant Golden Queen peaches straight from a Brightwater tree and eaten in the dappled shade by a thirsty young boy…Arcadian!


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