Our day, our way

It happens every year.

People criticise the way Waitangi Day is celebrated, or not and say it should be done better.

Some look across the Tasman and ask why Waitangi Day can’t be more like Australia Day.

There are several answers to that question, one of which is that this is our day and we should celebrate our way.

The signing of the Treaty was a significant event in our history.

Conferring the rights of British citizens on indigenous people was most unusual in 1840.

That it didn’t settle land wars nor prevent abuses and injustices is at best unfortunate, but doesn’t change the intent which is worth celebrating.

5 Responses to Our day, our way

  1. pdogge says:

    “White people” mostly HP…


  2. Andrei says:

    The signing of the Treaty was a significant event in our history.

    It wasn’t even ratified until 1975.

    Actually I’m all for it, we need to build a Nation, one where everybody feels a sense of belonging and pride.

    The problem is with all the shouting and argy bargy is that people such as myself just shrug and as the elites in Wellington move ever further away from the values I hold the less I care.

    Plastic wakas and parties in inflatable rugby balls, the annual shout fest at Waitangi – is it any wonder my grandchildren will be Aussies and why not?


  3. JC says:

    Waitangi Day doesn’t do it for me. I have no problem with celebrating the signing of the Treaty but not as THE national day because (to me) its incoherent as to the nature of the two parties.
    On the one hand it recognised elements of a two equal nation settlement, and on the other it created the Maori as British citizens.. thats inconsistent and we live with the consequences still.



  4. It’s weird. though I’m following you, I never get your posts. the only way i found this was to click on your gravatar which shows up in my links or clicks or something – I have no idea what they are…
    Is there something I should be doing apart from pressing follow?????


  5. homepaddock says:

    Sorry, Valerie, I can’t help you – I thought that followers got an email each time there’s a new post but I don’t know how it works. This might help: http://en.support.wordpress.com/following/


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