Sharpish in places

TVNZ promised lots in the promos for  Seven Sharp.

They delivered three presenters who managed to keep up traction without falling over each other’s lines, which isn’t easy to do.

The first segment took us to the PM in his office and a behind the parliamentary scenes tour led by Paula Bennett. It moved so quickly it had a strobe effect which was a bit off-putting.

I’m a political tragic and a fan of both MPs but I guess this would have wider appeal. Anyone who thought the PM had a glamorous life would have had their illusions shattered by his tale of dinners of cold baked beans from the can.

The dig at the three Labour David’s was witty enough- though people without my blue bias might not have enjoyed the ghost of leader-past as much as I did.

A soldier with post-traumatic stress disorder is a serious issue and one worth covering but something distracted me minutes into the interview and by the time I tuned back it was over.

Viewer suggestions and a poll on who should escort the PM onto the marae at Waitangi was supposed to be funny but felt a bit too try-hard for feedback.

The programme ended with an interview with a singer who gave me the impression he was a pleasant bloke. His name escapes me – which could be an indication I’m not the target audience.

The promos promised more than the first show delivered – it might be Seven Sharp but it was more just sharpish in places.

However, it’s is going to be filming live in Oamaru on Wednesday when the Scott 100 celebrations  get underway so I’ll reserve judgement and give it points in advance for getting out of Auckland and Wellington.

4 Responses to Sharpish in places

  1. robertguyton says:

    It was crap.


  2. Neil says:

    I agree with Robert but not the adjective he used.
    It was one of those supercilious urban masterpieces of about how clever one can get.
    Why can’t we have a show a bit like 60 Minutes,Fox Sunday etc where issues are discussed in detail


  3. Gravedodger says:

    Good aim Neil but where among the dross that pretends to be a functioning “journalist” will you find anyone to moderate such a program.

    All those with a modicom of ability and many who think they fit that description have graduated to a position as a “media manager” for a politician or a corporate.

    We are left with telegenic mindless airheads or for the less presentable, a role as a print media “opinion writer”.

    Solution, don’t give them oxygen by encouraging them, works for me.

    Monday night for me was spent attempting to maintain a semblance of trained first response capability followed by what may turn out to be a fruitless exercise in real time. To bed at 0035hrs.
    The Dyke, the Bore and the Clown had to get by without any support from moi.


  4. robertguyton says:

    Why can’t we, Neil, do you think?


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