Damp squib spotted in Wainuiomata

Fire service personal were on high alert after a threat of fireworks in Wainuiomata this afternoon.

But they have been stood down after all that was spotted was a damp squib.

One fire fighter who declined to be named said they’d been warned someone was wanting to set the year alight.

“We were expecting some pretty hot stuff with sparks flying but it was only talk,” she said.

“We were concerned the statement  we will not create more better paying jobs by simply exporting more milk powder might have been inflammatory. But the biggest reaction it got was a yawn from a farmer who said, ‘Another David told us farming was a sunset industry in the 1980s.’.”

3 Responses to Damp squib spotted in Wainuiomata

  1. Andrei says:

    Beyond dreary – “our priority is jobs” right out of the “Stock phrases for politicians” handbook.

    Of course no indication of what is going to be done to meet this “priority” beyond vague appeals to green jobs and supporting “high tech” and manufacturing, – all from the second page of the aforesaid book.


  2. Will says:

    If you actually have the stomach to read the whole thing, and have a basic understanding of how the economy functions…it’s terrifying.


  3. Gravedodger says:

    Your effort, Hp, is by far the most accurate reaction so far, great post.
    Even the state run TV infotainment didn’t get to it till some 6 minutes in and from recollection it was around the 7th item.(I broke with resolve and watched the pathetic “survivor nz politics” just out of curiosity).

    The film segment showed an excited Mr Shearer spouting well rehearsed lines, It won’t last.
    Captain Mumblef**K will re-emerge and normal transmission will resume

    Until the socialists find solutions that do not involve appropriating money from creators of wealth to give to idlers who will only consume and create costs, Mr Shearer would be better to employ the old adage on wisdom, “better to remain silent than speak and remove doubt”.

    Brought a smile though.


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