Milk in Schools show no need for taxpayers’ food for all

The Mana Party says support is increasing for its plan for taxpayer funded food for all decile one and two schools:

“It’s a pretty simple bill really” says MANA Leader and MP for Te Tai Tokerau Hone Harawira, “Invest in making sure the 80,000 kids going to school hungry each week are fed and ready to learn and realise the benefits in better educated and healthier school leavers down the track”. . . 

I don’t know where the 80,000 comes from but Fonterra’s milk in schools programme has proved that not all low decile schools have hungry children and that some higher decile schools.

Fonterra’s trial in Northland showed some schools wanted the milk and some didn’t.

The scheme is now being rolled out through the rest of the country and some schools are choosing to get it but others aren’t.

There is no point in a universal scheme for decile one and two schools which provides for some who aren’t in need and misses others who are, especially when schemes like Fonterra’s milk in sare providing help where it’s needed without taxpayers’ money.

One Response to Milk in Schools show no need for taxpayers’ food for all

  1. TraceyS says:

    I’ve been closely involved with a decile 3 school for four years (but it could easily be a lower decile rating). The content of lunchboxes there differed very little from a decile 7 school I am also involved with. Most children have the standard (mainly) highly processed food items, a muesli bar, chips, rasins, a piece of fruit, and some yoghurt. It’s not the greatest tucker but enough not to feel hungry.

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