Word of the day

Ephemeron – an insect that lives only for a day or a few days; something transitory or short-lived.

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  1. robertguyton says:

    Ele. I have a challenge for you. You posted (Science converts environmental…) where an environmental activist seemingly does an about face on GM due to his conversion to “science”. Well and good. Many people were keen to debate the issue. In this weeks Straight Furrow Jon Morgan tells a similar story of change from one side of the fence to the other. Your readers will surely be interested to read what Jon found when he looked more closely at the dairy industry he had been championing. I would like to see you post Jon’s story on Homepaddock, to give people a chance to comment. I’m willing to transcribe his article (How to lose friends and not influence people) and post it to you, should you agree to feature it. Here is the first paragraph and a bit, for your perusal. I hope you’ll show your impartiality and willingness to look at all issues. (apologies for the thread-jack, but it’s years since I’ve done that 🙂

    “It’s been an awkward year for me, one of lost friends and shifting principles. I began the year as the dairy farmers’ friend, saying they were doing all they could to clean up waterways.
    I reeled off a list of on-farm actions they were taking to keep waterways clean. I quoted figures from the most recent report of the Clean Streams Accord, among them that cattle were fenced off from waterways on 84 per cent of farms.
    Then I found this figure was wrong.
    Naively, perhaps, I did not realise that the accord relies on farmers’ honesty to report their own progress toward the agreement’s targets.”


  2. homepaddock says:

    I’d like to do some research before posting on this and might not have time for that in the next couple of days. But if I haven’t done it by Saturday feel free to introduce it to the soapbox.


  3. robertguyton says:

    Thanks, Ele.


  4. robertguyton says:

    Word of the day – nanny (also, Nanny State, National, Nanny National, National Party of New Zealand, John Key’s National Party)



  5. TraceyS says:

    Really looking forward to your comparison and analysis between the two pieces Robert. I’m sure it will be fantastic! Hopefully you will be brave enough to address the suggestion of farmers being compensated for their economic disadvantage. Yes, this should be good!


  6. TraceyS says:

    In the perfect nice and soft nanny image….http://tvnz.co.nz/politics-news/green-party-proposes-rent-buy-scheme-5325118.

    “The progressive home-ownership scheme has no net cost to the government”. A nanny with no appreciation for commercial reality. Could not fit the job description any better!


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