Moon man missed storms

Ken Ring gets a lot of publicity for his weather forecasts, most of it used to be positive.

But he went a step too far in declaring he could forecast earthquakes last year and now the media is quite rightly taking a more rigorous approach to his predictions:

Self-proclaimed weather guru Ken Ring is wildly astray in his January predictions for the South Island hydro lakes region, in his 2013 weather almanac.

His summary for January, based on lunar patterns, says “the driest regions for the South Island for January may be the hydro lakes”.

But Environment Canterbury flood controller Tony Henderson said the 500mm of rain in the Waitaki and Rangitata river catchments over four days was “probably the most we’ve had over the summer in several decades”.  . .

When I drove down the Waitaki Valley on Monday, the spillways of Benmore, Aviemore and Waitaki dams were spilling spectacular amounts of water which only happens when there’s been a lot of rain filling the lakes further up the catchment.

Strong nor west winds at home yesterday almost always mean rain further west, at or above the hydro lakes.

We had the longest, loudest thunder claps I’ve ever heard last night and about 9 mls of rain.

Mount Cook had 160mm of rain yesterday, following 440mm over a couple of days last week – the first time since 1994 two storms had arrived so close together.

You can never tell whether predictions which aren’t based on proven scientific methods are right or just lucky. But you can say when they’re wrong.

The Moon Man got this month’s forecast for the hydro lakes wrong and it’s good to see that the media aren’t letting him get away with it.

4 Responses to Moon man missed storms

  1. Mr E says:

    Do you have an 2013 almanac? Did you purchase it? I view those that buy, as those that support. Without book sales he has no voice. If you don’t like his voice don’t listen. Which begs the question why am I commenting…. Bye.


  2. David Winter says:

    It is indeed good to see the media being skeptical about Mr Ring. A while back (before that earthquake drama) I had a look at his predictions and he did rather worse than a coin toss.

    Hopefully they’ll retain the skepticism when he get’s one “right”, as he is bound to do eventually.


  3. Andrei says:

    Mocking Ken Rings predictions which didn’t come to pass is fair enough but Government Policy is being decided on the IPCC’s predictions which just like Ken Ring’s also haven’t come to pass.


  4. TraceyS says:

    The lightening and thunder gave us campers a spectacular thrill last night. No need for TV or other electrical device when you’ve first class seats at an electrical storm!


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