Money doesn’t mend the harm

In New Zealand we have people facing a nightmare finding staff in spite of relatively high levels of unemployment.

In South Africa welfare perversion has gone even further:

In a sign of just how bad things are in parts of South Africa – some women are deliberately trying to harm their unborn babies in order to claim disability benefits.

Sky News reporter Alex Crawford has been to Port Elizabeth, where she met women who admit to drinking heavily during pregnancy in the hope their child will be born with Foetal Alcohol Syndrome. . .

There’s more on the video here.

Both our sons had brain disorders. They were undiagnosed but presumed to be genetic. They definitely weren’t deliberately inflicted.
Looking after them was hard, even with wonderful support from extended family, friends, their doctors and organisations like Plunket and IHC.
No amount of money could make it easy.

The extra welfare payments these women are hoping to get is supposed to be for the extra costs of caring for a child with disabilities.

It won’t cover the cost of the full care needed, it won’t compensate for the extra difficulties the families face nor will it mend the deliberate harm done to the children and society.

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