News holiday

“Where does the news go during the holidays?” he asked.

“It must go where the news makers aren’t, otherwise it wouldn’t be able to relax and enjoy the break,” she replied.


One Response to News holiday

  1. Andrei says:

    The News doesn’t dissappear during the holidays, the world keeps turning and shit keeps happening, as they say.

    If by news you mean the blabber of politicians preening before the cameras as the go about their dailiy business of figuring out how to soak the peasants with new taxes, excise duties and so forth as they remake our society in the image of Sodom to suit the vanities empty headed media celebrities as well as some among their own number who claim the are discriminated against as they bloat themselves on the public teat – well yes that is absent from our papers and TV screens.

    Mercifully these repellant people are enjoying the fruits of their latest backdated pay rise lying somewhere nice in the Sun,

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