Free to not vote

The declining number of people who bother to exercise their right to vote has led to discussion on whether or not voting should be compulsory.

However, over the Tasman, Queensland is asking if compulsory voting should be scrapped for state elections.

The freedom to vote is one of the basic rights in a democracy.

I believe that if you’re free to vote you should also be free to not vote.



2 Responses to Free to not vote

  1. Andrei says:

    The declining number of people who bother to exercise their right to vote

    Could that be because it is a pointless exercise?

    Me I go to the booth and get to choose between Pompous Prat (Nat) and Mediocre Moron (Lab) neither of whom have actually done anything in real life other than inanely chatter. And regardless of how I tick my ballot both will get their seat at the table. In Ohariu last election virtually everyone who stood is currently self importantly occupying a green seat in Parlaiment FFS. And that has been true for many election cycles now – WHAT A CROCK. Once you climb aboard the gravy train provided you don’t rock the boat you can stay as long as you like

    And regardless of who gets the treasury benches the same hold TOXIC agenda keeps getting advanced. Taxes get raised, more laws are passed to sap initiative and productivity, more laws are passed to control the population and make them conform to the mores of secular upper middle class New Zealand.

    Even when we tell them via referendum that they are way out of line the just tell us to get F***ked as in the anti smacking referendum.

    Is it any wonder that people are indifferent?

  2. homepaddock says:

    What you describe is in part a result of MMP and also the result of fewer and fewer people joining political parties and participating in policy formation.

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