Foreigners sometimes better than local workers

Anyone with a dairy farm could write a book about staff – the good, the bad; the helpful, the hopeless; the workers and the shirkers.

Dairy farm work isn’t for everyone. It requires early starts and long days but it does pay well and, through the sharemilking system can lead to farm ownership.

The large numbers of conversions to dairying in the southern South Island has created a lot of new jobs and in spite of the number of unemployed people it’s not always easy to find people willing and able to do them.

The solution is often overseas workers.

People question why foreigners should get work ahead of New Zealanders.

The answer is, just as some Kiwis are preferred to locals when they’re overseas, some  foreign workers are better than the locals here.


One Response to Foreigners sometimes better than local workers

  1. Neil says:

    Couldn’t agree more about foreign workers. Dairying isn’t easy work so it doesn’t appeal to lots of our cosseted unemployed.
    Romanians,Filipino’s,Zimbabweans,South Africans etc the list goes on of people coming to the lower South Island to start a new life.
    A great thing ! Adding cultural diversity to our community. Creating a richer community, reducing ethnic discrimination.
    I was involved in educational exams late last year and it was exciting to see the cultural mix of students in a formerly anglo-saxon bastion. Long may that last !

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