Civics education inadequate – Electoral Commission

The Electoral Commissions say civics education is inadequate.

As it begins to prepare for the 2014 general election, the commission is talking to the Ministry of Education about providing increased, and better, lessons on citizenship, the law and the government. . .

Chief Electoral Officer Robert Peden says Canterbury’s Student Volunteer Army shows that young people care, they just don’t see the parliamentary process as relevant.

An improved “civics” education will teach young people how to use the system to have their voices heard, he says.

An understanding of citizenship, law and government are fundamental to feeling part of and participating in society.

The school curriculum is already very full, some would say too full. But the addition of civics education should be encouraged, even if it means something else has to go.

3 Responses to Civics education inadequate – Electoral Commission

  1. Neil says:

    Much overestimated in school programmes for this and that.
    Why not families,parents,communities and organizations do that. Years ago we had debating societies,mass membership political parties,community groups and others involved. People felt part of society.Todayu ? No me.


  2. Norm Winterbottom says:

    IN primary schools in the 1920s and 1930s this was taught in a subject entitled “Civics”


  3. robertguyton says:

    Green MPs have been promoting this for years.
    When they become Government, an ‘civics’ educational programme will be instigated, I expect.


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