Whose responsibility is it?

Brian Rudman approves of Fonterra’s plan to extend its milk in schools programme to the rest of the country after the success of the pilot in Northland.

But then he quotes, and agrees with, Hone Harawira:

“Feeding society’s hungry children shouldn’t be left to well-meaning companies and charities. Feeding the 80,000 children who go to school hungry is the Government’s responsibility.”

No it’s not. The responsibility to feed children lies with their parents.

If they can’t, or don’t, and there is a  company which sees a need, and also an opportunity for advertising and promotion, there is absolutely no need to call on the government and taxpayers.



5 Responses to Whose responsibility is it?

  1. robertguyton says:

    No one should ‘feed children lies’, Ele.


  2. homepaddock says:

    Quite right. Would a comma help?


  3. Andrei says:

    If there is a need that we can help address then we are all responsible for doing this

    Government does not have a monopoly on doing right and usually when government gets involved they ususally mess it up anyway and make things worse.

    Government is not benevolent it is parasitic


  4. Neil says:

    Quite right HP. parents have the responsibility.
    The USA is well down that path with food vouchers – 32m before Obama, now 47m. The growth of big govt.With big govt we lose individual accountability
    and it’s not long before unscrupulous individuals start leaning on the hard workers who pay their taxes.
    Look at the Maori Party who are trying to break that mentality started by the Savage govt in the 30’s.


  5. Gravedodger says:

    My understanding of the creation of the social welfare net by the Savage administration was a well intentioned and badly needed alteration to the social aims of central government.
    Sadly they didn’t really think ahead to the time when not working became, dont want to work ,till where we are now, what the hell is “work” just gimme my entitlement

    Many people now regard “welfare as an answer”, when in fact it has become “the PROBLEM”.


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