Start of end for battery cages

The phasing out of battery cages for layer hens is too slow for animal welfare groups but people in the industry have concerns about the viability of their businesses.

Budgeting groups are also concerned that eggs will be come more expensive.

If battery cages are inhumane business viability and cost have to come second.

New Zealand has a very good record for animal welfare and that must apply to everything we farm, whether or not it’s exported.

The ODT discusses the issue here and visits Mainland Poultry at Waikouaiti which uses a colony system.

16 Responses to Start of end for battery cages

  1. Andrei says:

    Start of end for battery cages eggs as a cheap source of protein for the poor.

    And for chinless middle class wankers who have gotten their way over this will no doubt derive a great deal of satisfaction that an occaisional meal of chicken will become entirely out of the reach of the poor.

    But we all know our flatitious elites care far more about the welfare of %$@*ing chickens than they do about people.


  2. robertguyton says:

    Spend your entire life in a cage so small you can’t stretch, or eat fewer eggs…oh, the inhumanity of it.
    Entirely comparable situations, eh Andrei!


  3. JC says:

    This is something NZ people should be outraged about.. not the caged bird thing but that in a big empty country they have been “forcefed” pale and incipid eggs when we could all be enjoying free range orange yolk power packed protein.

    There would be a good deal less obesity and diabetes if we ate bacon and eggs for breakfast and much less bread, sweet cereals and carbs in general.



  4. Andrei says:

    …… when we could all be enjoying free range orange yolk power packed protein.

    JC’s Marie Antoinette, “let them” eat cake moment.

    Go to the supermarket my friend check out the price of half a dozen “free range orange yolk power packed protein “ and compare that to the price of a half dozen “pale and incipid eggs” in the supermarkets plain package e.g home brand.

    Beleive it or not there are many of your compatriots for whom the price difference represents a significant portion of their food budget. a budget already diminished by consumption taxes levied by the elites to keep them in the stylew to which they aer accustomed and believe themselves to be entitled.

    NB John Key’s Government put up GST despite promising not to


  5. Gravedodger says:

    Wait till the eco nazis come for the worm farms Robert , keeping them in cramped conditions must be playing hell with the worms psyche.

    I often muse about the red shavers the Dachshunds dealt to when we lived in Bideford, given a choice, the cage might have been preferred by the naked chooks, then there was the opinion of the dead. Hang on they couldn’t articulate their stand could they as they are still dead.

    Then there are those cruel bastards who scoop up pounds of whitebait and remove them from their idyllic stream with no warning and no due process.

    As for the vegans dragging clumps of carrots from their sanctuary with no anaesthetic.

    It is a cruel world sitting under a nut tree waiting for nature to send the next years crop down courtesy of old uncle Issacc. Not forgetting the battle with the rats and other vermin when storing.

    Maybe the Moa would have voted for the battery cage eh.

    It is really about where the line is drawn in the natural world to satisfy demands, resources, consumption oh and the cost.

    Today the “battery Hen” how long before how we home the elderly is addressed as inhumane and we will turn them loose on “the common”,. Too bad so sad.


  6. TraceyS says:

    Our eggs are so fluorescent yellow that a lot of people turn their noses up at them and we can’t give them away! But we are slowly educating people and now most of them accept the free eggs. We give away a lot of eggs – charging for them seems pointless because to ask for what they cost (let alone a small profit margin on top) no-one would buy them anyway! Might as well have the good feeling instead.

    Free fertilized eggs on offer for anyone who wants to do grow their own. Last year we even had a local turn up on Christmas Day for some chooks to fill the hen-house he bought for his wife as a pressy.

    People have choices. If there was no market for pale-yolk eggs then there would be no cage birds. Cost is not the only factor in deciding what eggs to buy. Many people just like the pale-yolk ones. Since it is the grass that makes free-range yolks yellow, 100% free-range farms would remove consumer choice.

    And JC, the protein is in the egg-white not the yolk! The quality of the protein depends very much on the age of the chooks (young chooks make better quality whites) and the freshness of the egg because the protein breaks down over time.

    I know Mainland Poultry technical manager Lorna Craig. I can’t describe in words the interest and love she showed both towards me and my dying animal which she watched us tending for days in our paddock, preparing remedies for the animal and offering advice and care.

    Great article by the ODT.


  7. robertguyton says:

    Reductio ad absurdum, it’s a gas!
    Tell me, GD, if you will, do you believe it is acceptable to keep chickens in such conditions?


  8. robertguyton says:

    ” If there was no market for pale-yolk eggs then there would be no cage birds.”…therefore, it’s quite alright to cage birds. Ethical concerns are of no concern to you, Tracey, the customer is always right.
    By your reasoning, methamphetamine gets the tick of approval, because there is clearly a market for it.



  9. JC says:

    “And JC, the protein is in the egg-white not the yolk!”

    I was thinking about the whole egg.. the yolk is just my preference from having chooks around the place in my first couple of decades.

    I take your point about pale preferences but it will do no harm to educate people on the “natural” look of free range eggs.. plus a bit of stuff about caged birds.



  10. TraceyS says:

    No Robert in business you get to realise that the customer is….well….the customer (right or wrong!). There’s a big difference between cage-farmed eggs and methamphetamine. Legal vs illegal, safe vs harmful for human health, responsible vs irresponsible and so on…


  11. robertguyton says:

    No animals are harmed in the production of meth-amphetamine.
    There’s another difference.


  12. TraceyS says:

    The last word is not always the best.

    “No animals are harmed in the production of meth-amphetamine.
    There’s another difference”.

    That’s a similarity not a difference! Children are hurt when their parents get involved in those illicit activities. Children rate more highly than chickens.


  13. robertguyton says:

    Your logic, Tracey, it’s … curious.


  14. TraceyS says:

    Just as logic should be.


  15. swinestein says:

    do a search for “DSM colour fan”


  16. TraceyS says:

    Consistently 13 or 14 provided my screen colours are accurate. But does vary a bit between chooks.


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