Farming Show going urban

The Farming Show will be broadcast in Wellington and Auckland next year:

The country’s longest-running, daily, dedicated, farming radio programme broadcast between Midday and 1pm, Monday to Friday on Radio Sport will be heard on 1332AM in Auckland and 1503AM in Wellington.

“Making the programme available in both cities will open up Farming Show content to an even wider audience. There are many Aucklanders and Wellingtonians who have a rural association of some type and would find value in hearing the latest rural news, comment and opinion”, said Jamie Mackay, Farming Show host.

The Farming Show will now be heard in 25 markets from Northland to Southland as well as on the website launched earlier this year at and on iPhone and Android, so farmers can keep up with the latest from the Farmingshow via their smartphone.

The Farming Show hour has some of the most expensive advertising spots on radio because it has a high target audience.

It started on Hokanui Gold in Southland, spread to provincial NewsTalk  ZB stations and has been on Radio Sport in bigger cities except Wellington and Auckland for the past few years.

Radio Sport listeners weren’t all enamoured of the programme at first but they must have grown to like it and the Radio Network must be confident it can win over listeners, and attract advertisers, in the big metropolitan markets.

I interviewed Jamie about his life and the show for ATS News (pages 14 and 15).



2 Responses to Farming Show going urban

  1. Neil says:

    Well done to Jamie and his team.
    Hope that the Rural show doesn’t become urbanised by the townies and their different attitudes.
    We know lots of programmes,activities that shifted focus to urban areas. Result was that their focus has shifted radically from the orihinal purpose.NZ does exist beyond the domains of some of our precious bloggers in Wellington and Auvkland.


  2. homepaddock says:

    It’s managed to keep to its rural roots broadcasting in all the other cities and I think Jamie will work very hard to keep the rural focus.


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