Another hoax call gone wrong

In a week when the news is full of the fallout from Australian DJs hoax call to a hospital you’d think everyone would think twice before pretending to be someone they weren’t.

Not Environment Southland chair Ali Timms.

Environment Southland chairman Ali Timms is on leave following an “unacceptable lapse of judgement”. . .

. . .  acting chairman Nicol Horrell has issued the following statement: “Councillors have unanimously expressed our extreme disapproval of the unacceptable lapse of judgement shown by Chairman Ali Timms in taking part in the Invercargill City Council’s televised talkback programme under an assumed name last week.

“Councillors have accepted Cr Timms’ application for six weeks leave of absence, effective immediately. We expect to hold an Extraordinary meeting of Council to consider the Council’s Chairmanship in late January.”

This might speak volumes about the relationship between the regional and city councils but it doesn’t reflect well on Timms either.

We all have lapses of judgement but fortunately for most of us, we’re not public figures and they happen in private.

2 Responses to Another hoax call gone wrong

  1. Neil says:

    What a lot of stupid rot from Ali Timms. It is nothing more than impersonation, which I believe is either illegal or a form of madness.
    There has been a very poor culture in ES from the time the previous ceo of ES was appointed.There is a lot of tidying up to be done.
    Yhey have a nasty court case involving altering MOT tickets as well.


  2. Richard says:

    Yes, judgement . Perhaps ES Board might reflect on the Ms Timm’s judgement organising the departure of the former CEO Cairan Keogh
    Perhaps Robert Guyton might like to comment.


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