Dear Santa

Even Father Christmas has deadlines – and it’s this Friday for letters to him if the senders want a reply by Christmas.

Lots of little people have already penned epistles to the big man and New Zealand Post has some edited highlights from them:

Kiwi kids: Naughty or Nice

  • Dear Santa I am a good boy. I always am. It’s not true what you hear.
  • I have been a good girl most of the time. But sometimes I forget. But then I remember.
  • I have been a very good boy this year… I was a bit mean to my cat meow meow but I said sorry and gave her a kiss.
  • My sister Innocent has been naughty Santa.
  • I have been very good this year and promise to keep being good and stop whining.
  • as far as you’re concerned and as far as I want to remember, i have been a really good boy.
  • Ive been a good boy to my mum and my dad but not my sister cos she always makes my room messy.
  • I have been quite naughty this year, but I am going to be good now so I can get my Christmas presents.
  • If I turn my brain on and do good can i have presents at Christmas please. I think I have been good this year.
  • If I have been good then could you please give me 9,999,999 dolars for crismis.
  • I am sorry about being a little bit naughty for the last few years, this year I have been a very very very very very good boy. Apart from when i wasn’t. . . .

Kiwi kids share their thoughts on Santa and his impending visit:

  • I like Santa. Santa gives out lollies and he is squishy and red.
  • I hope you and the polar bears are doing well and getting lots of chocolate
  • I will leave you a treat Santa as I think you are getting too skinny. Don’t tell Mrs Claus.
  • Please sneek into my house and try not to wake me and don’t get too drunk on the beers, my Dad said I can only give you one of his. . .

Many Kiwi kids have quite modest wishes:

  • Could I please have a jar to put water in for pretend fish.
  • You can give me anything you want too except used chewing gum.
  • All I want for christmas is lots of bubbles
  • Please may i have a present. I would like a blue one.
  • I would like a lolly pop. Lolly pops are my favourite.
  • I would like something for Christmas that my brother wont steal.
  • For Christmas I would like some toys and some cuddles.
  • I would like a tree, and a tree and a tree and more tree and tree. And tree.
  • Im a boy and would like boy presents because im a boy. . . .

While some Kiwi kids are wishing for things which may be a bit harder to find:

  • Can I please have some chocolate that comes back when you eat it all.
  • I am five and half years old. I wish i am a bird can fly in the sky. I wish the flower I pick from the garden never die ever ever.
  • please could i have a skateboard for swimming
  • I would like a water pistol that never needs refilling, an aeroplane that you touch and it takes off, something that makes my brother smile, a picture you smile at and it smiles back, a paper dart that goes for 20 seconds then wheels come out of it when it lands, a jumping frog that can take people across the world
  • I would like to turn into a mermaid . .

Pets are, as always, a popular wish for many children:

  • Are you please able to get me a little puppy. I really want a small one which does not do any poos or wees so that I do not have to clean it.
  • This year can I please have a real tiger and a real dog. I promise I will look after the tiger and won’t let it eat my cats.
  • For Christmas I would like a penguin, they are awesome, I like the way they swim through the water. . . .

But Santa is willing to give consideration to any well argued case:

  • We would like 2 drum sets for me and my brother so we can play them at Christmas. My mummy doesn’t think this is a good idea, but we think it’s great.
  • Would you be able to make me a little chair so I can sit at a little table instead of the floor.
  • This year can I swap one of my annoying sisters for a really cool toy?
  • I haven’t been home for almost a year, so could you please give me a flying saucer or a plan ticket?
  • Please could I have a remote control helicopter for Christmas. I also wondered if you could do anything magical to get rid of my warts
  • If you don’t want me to have an iPad my second choise would be money.
  • For Christmas I would really like a claw machine. I know it was not your fault it got broken last year – you can not control turbulence in your sleigh – but I really want one and mum and dad are sick of hearing about it.
  • Please put some presents like an axe for slaying dragons under my tree. I’ve been a good kid.
  • My brother and i are great at clesning the chicken hut and cleaning the garage and I think we need a remote control car to keep up this progress.
  • I would like some of your magic… i would use the magic to make my own special doll . . .

And last but not least, one Kiwi kid’s wish that you definitely won’t have heard on Christmas Past:

  • Dear Santa, I love you. Can you please make me dance like the Gangnam guy, he is cool.

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