And that was Holmes

Paul Holmes burst onto prime time television in 2007  1989 with an interview from which Americas Cup skipper Denis Conner walked out.

I was so incensed by what I thought of poor journalism I wrote to Conner, who wrote back with a copy of his autobiography.

It all looks a lot less shocking by today’s standards.

That was a long time ago and Holmes has been a major figure on screen and the airwaves since then – as an interviewer and subject.

He was often controversial but also raised a lot of money for charity.

Now ill health has forced him to resign from broadcasting.

. . .Of work, Holmes said he played hard but straight. “I kept my word.” He made few if any enemies and is proud of that. He is friends with both Mike Williams, a former Labour Party president, and Michelle Boag, National’s former president, who together organised Holmes’ party.

Should anyone think to remember him, he said, “I would like to be remembered as a decent bloke.”

As the Herald prepared to leave, he told of a recent text from former colleague Cameron Bennett after TVNZ showed highlights from Holmes. “What great days those early days of Holmes were,” it said.

“They were,” said Holmes, “and I’m so grateful to have had them.”

And, in the words with which he ended the show, that was Holmes.

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  2. homepaddock says:

    Would 1989 be better?


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