And they think they’re ready for government?

Labour’s finance spokesman David Parker can’t count.

Backbencher David Clark doesn’t understand the difference between revenue and profit for tax purposes.

And now Phil Goff doesn’t understand the role and responsibilities of a non-beneficial trustee.

. . . “By attacking Mr Kiely without checking the facts Mr Goff has impugned the reputation of a highly professional individual without any justification.

“Central to Mr Goff’s allegation is that Mr Kiely held shares in shipping company Sofrana at the time PFL, of which he was a director, was considering an offer from Sofrana.

“Mr Kiely has never owned shares in Sofrana. The shares referred to by Mr Goff were held by Mr Kiely as a non-beneficial trustee for a Sofrana employee. Practising lawyers like Mr Kiely commonly hold shares for clients as non-beneficial trustee. If Mr Goff had asked he could have been told this.

“There was no obligation for Mr Kiely to disclose such matters to the Ministry when he was appointed a director. Only personal interests must be disclosed. There has never been a requirement for lawyers to disclose clients’ interests.

“Furthermore, when Sofrana expressed interest in PFL, Mr Kiely ensured that the PFL chairman was made aware of the non-beneficial trustee holding, and took the further step of ceasing to act as trustee. This is more than he was obliged to do. I have sighted the relevant documentation today. . .

And they’d like to think they’re ready for government!

The series of errors reflects on the MPs’ competency.

Goff was trying to embarrass the government because of Keily’s links to the National Party.

Instead he’s embarrassed himself and reminded voters again that a party that can’t perform in opposition is far from ready for government.

2 Responses to And they think they’re ready for government?

  1. Alwyn says:

    You might think, and I might think, that Goff has embarassed himself but I don’t think he cares. He has got the Dom/Post quoting him and accepting his spin on the matter.
    To quote an item on page A2 of today’s paper.
    “Defending lawyer Peter Kiely, who owned shares in Sofrana shipping line when he was advising on the sale of Pacific Forum Lines, Cabinet Minister Tony Ryall said …..”.
    There are a lot more readers of the Dom/Post than this Blog I assume and they are not going to understand the niceties of being a Trustee as opposed to being a beneficial owner if this is what the paper publishes.


  2. homepaddock says:

    Sadly, you’re right.

    It’s a poor reflection on journalism when the reporter doesn’t bother with the facts either.


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