New thinking

The opposition criticises what they call old fashioned thinking like only spending what you’ve got and not borrowing too much.

Finance Minister Bill English points out the big holes in the Green Party’s  new thinking:



4 Responses to New thinking

  1. robertguyton says:

    If Bill English regarded the Greens as inconsequential, as he has in the past, he’d not mention them. Devoting so much of his speech to them, and in particular to Russel Norman, demonstrates just how rattled he is by the Greens and how important he thinks it is to try to damage them as they, as he himself says, measure up the desks in the Beehive. I feared Bill might pop a vein during his rant but at the same time I delighted in his intense discomfort. Most interesting to me, was seeing that Bill’s petty attack on Dr Norman occurred at a time when the Green’s leader was not in the House. Most likely, Russel was in Bill’s office, measuring-tape in hand.

  2. jabba says:

    it was a great “rant” by Bill .. most people know the focus/mentions about the Greens is a dig at Labour nothing else

  3. homepaddock says:

    Not rattled, just aware that governments come and governments go and people should be warned if a party with such scant regard for economic sense might one day be in power.

  4. robertguyton says:

    There were plenty of people warning about National’s scant regard for the environment prior to the election, so I guess your point is well made. Those warnings were largely ignored then, but won’t be this time around.

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