Horan expelled from NZ First

Brendan Horan has been expelled from New Zealand First because Winston Peters no longer has confidence in him.

Peters told MPs in a statement to the House that he had recently received “substantial’’ evidence and while it was “deeply regrettable’’, he no longer had confidence in Horan and he would be expelled from the NZ First caucus.

Peters said he believed Horan should now resign from Parliament and because of the nature of the allegations he intended making no further comment on the affair.

Peters has known about the allegations for some time but has covered himself by saying he has recently received ‘substantial evidence’.

Horan’s Queen’s Council has released a statement:

1. As a result of the death of Mr Horan’s mother various issues have arisen concerning the administration of her estate. Those matters are private and personal to the family. Unfortunately some persons, for their own reasons, have chosen to make them public.

2. Mr Horan has been the subject of unwarranted and unfair publicity which has implied that he is dishonest and has stolen from his mother. There can be no other interpretation of that publicity.

3. Mr Horan completely denies any suggestion that he has stolen from his mother or misappropriated her money or assets. He regrets that a private and personal family matter has been made public and his only wish is that the issues concerning his mother’s estate are resolved quickly and properly. He invites any investigation into his mother’s affairs and is confident that any proper investigation will exonerate him entirely.

4. Mr Horan will make no personal comment at all on these matters but has instructed that this release be made on his behalf. As far as Mr Horan is concerned the sooner these matters are resolved the better as he will then be able to return to his work as a Member of Parliament to concentrate on fulfilling his duties without the distraction of false and unjustified allegations.

Paul Mabey QC

If my understanding of MMP is correct, expulsion from the party doesn’t mean Horan has to leave parliament and NZ First won’t get a replacement MP until, and unless, he does.

2 Responses to Horan expelled from NZ First

  1. Roger says:

    Finger’s crossed he stays until he is either exonerated or found to be wanting of the standard to be an MP (which is a low hurdle to vault). Classic Peter’s flowery, fullsome and flawed – using privilege as the shroud to hide behind.

    Andrew Williams will celebrate with a drink and text or two!


  2. Neil says:

    It’s all a bit of a yawn. Winston has assembled a rather strange crew, Brendon Horan, Richard Prosser(Has some strange views) and Dennis O’Rourke.
    As well be has ex-MP Barbara Stewart. None of these people would ever challenge Winston.
    Winston seems to have made the decision over Horan pretty unilaterally.


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