Another good reason to vote National

The Green Party wants Cabinet positions in proportion to its vote should it be in government with labour after the next election.

On the surface that seems fair, but which positions does it want?

Dr Norman wants Finance, Metiria Turei could get Social Development, Kevin Hague may get Health, Kennedy Graham could go for Trade, Eugenie Sage for the Christchurch rebuild, Gareth Hughes with Energy, and Catherine Delahunty with Education.

It’s not just the number of positions but their importance which ought to be taken into account. Some positions in Cabinet are more equal than others.
These are all very important positions which would have a very big impact on how much money the country earns, how it earns it, how much the government spends and how and where it spends it.
Having the Green Party wield that much power provides another very good reason to vote National.

8 Responses to Another good reason to vote National

  1. Paranormal says:

    That is way too scary to think about. Should guarantee National a majority for years to come!

  2. Andrei says:


    I voted National the election before last and we got

    A rise in GST

    The ETS

    \More Nanny State

    and we are about to get the absolute abomination of homosexual marriage

    Might just as well as voted for the Greens or Labour.

    Thank God my kids are smart enough to be able to get good jobs doing real things of economic value elsewhere since within a generation tor so this country will be inherited by the demographic who hang their offspring on clotheslines etc because despite a casualty or two among their young they actually produce children unlike the vapid middle class who have theirs “terminated” on the taxpayer dime so they can continue in their important careers in anti smoking activism and the like.

  3. I would have no problem with Kevin Hague as Health Minister. He came to Parliament from being CEO of the West Coast’s DHB, so at least he has an appreciation of the day-to-day challenges that the health sector faces.

    On the other hand, Delahunty as Education Minister? Spare us please…teaching socialism at Sue and Bob Bradford’s “academy” is NOT the experience that the education sector requires!

  4. pmofnz says:

    So, when your beloved party possibly has to horse trade post-election with rabid feral greens to cobble together a coalition of the damned to retain power, will the Nats be prepared to give up such positions?

    I think not and like many, will never again consider voting for National which has reneged on all of its stated principles these past two terms. Such is the price of getting into bed with the separatists.

  5. willdwan says:

    I’m pretty much resigned to it. In two years my current development projects will be complete, almost all the debt gone; we will just scale back production, slam the cheque-book shut and ride it out. I’ve been through hard times before, I can survive the Greens I think. At least for a few years.

  6. robertguyton says:

    The Green MPs you mention will be excellent in those positions you have nominated them for. I know it frightens you, but think how the left-wing feel about the performances of the National Party clowns that are presently buggering-up their responsibilities. I won’t list them, we all know who they are.
    Julie-Anne Genter as Transport Minister. You forgot her. She’s excellent.

  7. Alwyn says:

    Your list reminds me of a bumper sticker I saw in the United States in about 1966. As far as I remember it went something like –
    “They told me if I voted for Barry Goldwater we would have 300,000 troops in Vietnam.
    Well I did and there are”.
    I’m afraid all politicians are the same in the policies they support.
    As far as Gareth Hughes is concerned about the only thing I think he would be capable of is running the Beehive Xmas party. It would at least give him some use of his Ronald McDonald costume.

  8. robertguyton says:

    Hilarious! And John Key’s a clown, aye!

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