Was The Hobbit worth it?

The making of The Hobbit hasn’t been without controversy and the naysayers are doing their best to spoil the party to celebrate its opening.

However, it’s hard to argue with these numbers:

<>National has been actively committed to supporting The Hobbit from the beginning.  We protected 3000 jobs for NZers. We're bloody excited for the world premier!

3 Responses to Was The Hobbit worth it?

  1. Actually the naysayers, of which I’m one, have a point. You have to look at both the costs and benefits, so what were the cost of the subsidies to the movie and most importantly what was the opportunity costs of those funds. It only after we see these figures that we can start to make a judgement about the usefulness of subsidising the movie. Also if you are going to subsidise one industry, why not all industries? Let us see a full cost-benefit analysis before we start saying just how great the movie was. After all all the claims about how great stadiums are turn out to be false and the basic logic is the same for stadiums and movies.


  2. ihstewart says:

    Thankyou Ele.
    A picture is not only worth a thousand words but clearly many millions of dollars


  3. Curmudgeonly Pete says:

    Actually, its quite easy to argue with those numbers.

    For example, one must now assume that since the filming is over, 3000 jobs have disappeared from the economy. And how many of them were real jobs anyway, not short term work to “contractors”?

    And how many of the 3000 were kiwis, not those imported by the producers?

    The Hobbit looks like COSTING NZ close to $100 million, yet I don’t see that being offset against the numbers above. Why not?

    Then there is the cost to our sovereignty, such as labour laws being made to favour a foreign corporation, the same foreign corporation having a veto over our tourism advertising, and on ot goes.


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