Fair enough?

If you stand up for free speech you have to accept people’s right to say something which you might find offensive.

But is this fair enough?

A Czech-born woman has been fined in England after calling her New Zealand-born neighbour a “stupid fat Australian bitch”.

I can understand a Kiwi being offended by being called an Aussie, but should it lead to court?

3 Responses to Fair enough?

  1. pdm says:

    Not if she was fat and stupid.

    Topical as I was told the following joke this morning.

    Customer goes into MacDonalds and places an order.
    Assistant tells customer to take a seat and the meal will be delivered to thier table.
    A few minutes later a very obese assistant delivers the meal and says – “apologies for the wait”..

    Customer replies – “Don’t worry you will lose some eventually”.

  2. Richard says:

    A bit off topic: MacDonald’s and Aus: Just spent a few days with daughter and partner in Melbourne- they have been there for four months. One of their first impressions, while they were getting settled was the awful quality of food from MacDonalds and other takeaways. Mind you, the pair of them did not complain about the quality of food at cafes/restaurants we visited and —I paid for- excellent food.
    But the owner of this place in the USA might not be so pleased with this review – not on a par with takeaways:


  3. TraceyS says:

    Both parties will be out of pocket for their inability to get along. They probably still harbour bad feeling towards each other and will have gained very little out of the whole process. Standing up for your rights either to free speech or to remedies through the legal system is all very well in principle. But you can exercise free speech without abusing others, and you can stand up for your rights without taking anyone to court…

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