Critics have had logic bypass

The people complaining about New Zealand’s 100% pure marketing campaign have had a logic bypass.

Most advertisements use slogans, many are hyperbolic, and few are meant to be taken literally.

Of course New Zealand isn’t 100% pure, nowhere is nor could it be.

As a gust poster at Whaleoil  points out:

 . . .100% Water is sterile and nothing lives in that because it is, well, umm, sterile. . .

But under the hyperbole is the fact that we have a beautiful country which compares well by world standards.

Some of that is down to luck, some to good management.

Can we get better, should we? Of course.

Will that be achieved by criticism based on selective facts and dark green hyperbole? No.

One Response to Critics have had logic bypass

  1. robertguyton says:

    It’s sad when you post as a apologist for National, Ele. Everyone knows that 100% pure NZ isn’t meant literally, but was indicative of a very, very good state of the environment. National’s destruction of that perception, through its ditching of our Kyoto arrangements, the light-headed big-noting of mining and so on, has made that an impossible position to hold and so have had to try to convince New Zealanders not to expect a quality environment, to think, “Middle-Earth”, rather than “100% Pure”. To me, that’s sick.


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