If they can’t run a conference . .

Quote of the day:

“Let’s face it, the Labour Party can’t even run a conference, how on earth could they run the country?

“What they’re demonstrating is they just fundamentally do not like each other and it’s no great surprise that a lot of New Zealanders don’t like what they are doing,” he said. John Key.

The polls show a Labour/Green/New Zealand First/Maori Party/Mana coalition with a similar number of seats as National and its potential coalition partners.

But the public usually waits for a party to perform well in opposition before it’s trusted in government.

Labour has been overshadowed by the Green Party and NZ First in opposition. Now it’s disunity is on display, and will continue to be so at least until February, it’s shown it can’t even run itself.

“I always treat whoever the leader of the opposition is with respect … but the simple bottom line is if you go and have a party which is going to be internally consumed, which will be the case whoever wins, in the end it’s a really bad news story for Labour.

“The only winner out of this will be [Greens leader] Russel Norman.”

It certainly won’t be New Zealand which deserves politicians who put their energies into serving their constituents rather than mismanaging themselves.


7 Responses to If they can’t run a conference . .

  1. robertguyton says:

    Those Greens certainly are impressive, Ele, as you indicate. They maintain a genuine unity of purpose and supportive relationships amongst their MPs that is exemplary. Neither of the co-leaders are under attack from pretenders, nor are they being accused of lying by all and sundry. It will be splendid when they become Government. Won’t be long now 🙂

  2. homepaddock says:

    You are quite right about the Green Party’s cohesion and performance. What a pity so many of its policies are deluded.

  3. Gravedodger says:

    Under the new protocols in Rugby Union, Robert would have to leave the field for Psyco-metric tests after a smack on the scone such as Ele just delivered.
    Then again possibly needed before the hit.

  4. robertguyton says:

    I accept, on behalf of the Party, your praise. As to your difficulty in grasping the value of Green policies, I expect nothing more from someone in the position you occupy, broadcasting for the National Party and feel no animosity. GD, otoh, remains politically concussed.

  5. Gravedodger says:

    The system has merit Robert should have had a wee lie down.
    Lala land methinks

  6. pdm says:

    As far as the two Green Co-Leaders not having any challengers as RG says – have a look at the rest of the rabble, hardly inspiring..

  7. robertguyton says:

    Lala land, GD?
    I hadn’t pegged you as a Teletubbies fan.
    Piddum, like Ele, you can’t see for looking.

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