A tale of two Davids

David spent the weekend at the Labour Party conference.

David did too.

David leads the Labour Party.

David wants to too.

David has the support of some of the caucus.

David does too.

David isn’t so popular with unions and other lesser members.

David is more popular with unions and other lesser members.

David wants to put the leadership to the vote.

David does too.

Could David work with David afterwards and would he want to?

If David wins will David go or will he stay and try again?

If David loses will he stay or will this be the end of his political career?





One Response to A tale of two Davids

  1. Neil says:

    The Labor Party as usual is bursting with the personality cult – David Cunliffe embodies the old Labor tradition. He can’t be done without !
    Labor should be focussing on issues, the government is in that vulnerable mid term stage and yet these “yokels” are arguing among themselves about who should be head honcho.
    National has internal issues but seems to sort things. I blame the unions with Labor, people who want things done instantly- as in the familiar union chant-“When do we wanr it – NOW”
    Short term it might be good politics but in the long term NZ does not want to have union co-rule with Labor.

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