Xi Jinping Chian’s new leader

The Chinese Communist Party has anointed its, and the country’s, new leader – Xi Jinping:

Fifty-nine-year-old Xi is the son of reformist former vice premier Xi Zhongxun, and therefore branded a “princeling”, one of the privileged sons and daughters of China’s incumbent, retired or late leaders.

He watched his father purged from power before the 1966-76 Cultural Revolution, and Xi himself spent years during the chaos in the hard-scrabble countryside before scrambling to university and then power.

Xi had crafted a low-key style and wears a cautious public mask almost uniform to China’s Communist Party leadership.

The Party’s careful control of information about Xi means that even Chinese who follow politics closely know next to nothing about his opinions, or what kind of a leader he might be.

A native of the poor, inland province of Shaanxi, Xi Jinping studied chemical engineering at Tsinghua University in Beijing, an elite school where Hu also studied. Xi later gained a doctorate in Marxist theory from Tsinghua. . .

China’s new president isn’t facing the same tough decisions which newly re-elected President Barack Obama faces in the USA but China’s growth is slowing.

The new president could well face tougher challenges in the next decade than his predecessor did in the past one.



One Response to Xi Jinping Chian’s new leader

  1. Bulaman says:

    I suggest China’s problems are manifestly greater than currently acknowledged.
    Some light reading here.


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