Canterbury A&P’s 150th show


Canterbury’s 150th A&P Show opened yesterday.

This is a significant milestone for the event which shows the importance of agriculture in the province’s early days and that it has endured.

Other commitments have to take priority this week so we won’t be among the thousands who will be going. I’m sorry to miss it because it’s always enjoyable, not least for the number of friends with whom we catch up.

The show, like most others went through a rocky period after the ag-sag of the 80s. But a change of venue and a revamped programme has helped regenerate it.

Those changes haven’t lost sight of the A & P in the show’s name. There is still a strong foundation of rural attractions on which the shopping, side shows and other events stand.

However, I got a reminder this week that not everyone understands what it’s all about.

A set of minutes for a meeting referred to a stand at the AMP Show and it wasn’t a typo. The minute writer, and several others who read them, didn’t know that A&P stood for Agricultural and Pastoral and misheard A&P as AMP,  in the mistaken belief the show was sponsored by the company.



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