Right royal, vice regal birthday

Today is Prince Charles’s 64th birthday.

It is also the 58th birthday of Governor General Sir Jerry Mateparae and they will be sharing their party with other New Zealanders who were born on November 14th.

With the exception of the oldest applicant, the names of the 64 were chosen at random.  And like the group they were chosen from, the 64 are of all ages, from 18 to 101 and from throughout New Zealand.

The Prince is reported to be looking forward to the party:

. . . “One group will be of particular interest, namely those who were born on 14th November, an illustrious group which includes the Governor-General, Mrs Key and, er, me,” the Prince said.

“I look forward very much to our joint birthday party on Wednesday along with 64 fellow Scorpios and to discussing our plans for world domination.” . . .

It will be a right royal, vice regal celebration and a birthday to remember for them all.

4 Responses to Right royal, vice regal birthday

  1. pdm says:

    mrspdm’s sister was in the draw to attend but missed out. mrspdm was going as the designated driver as she doubted her sister would be able to get off the Basin Reserve round a bout and in to Government House.


  2. Neil says:

    Just when will someone from the Royal family venture further south of Christchurch. Perhaps they are frightened of snow or earthquakes.
    It’s all getting a bit ho hum going to Auckland for a few hongis and pressing the nose of the same old crew.
    Wellington ok Christchurch partly Ok but remember William was there.
    Regional NZ is left out, that’s where the support for the monarchy is.


  3. Neil says:

    A last comment. How many South Islanders went to the birthday function. I bet very few unless they are in the political know how or of the right lineage.


  4. homepaddock says:

    If you click on the first link you’ll see the names and home towns of the 64 . I did a quick count and found 10 South Islanders, the southern most is from Balclutha. They were randomly selected from those who applied.

    Not sure when the next royal visit is scheduled – talk to your MP and suggest the itinerary includes the regions.


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