Kyoto is the past

Quote of the day from Climate Change Minister Tim Groser:

“Kyoto is the past”, he said. “The future rests on getting countries outside Kyoto to start doing something serious about climate change.”

He said it would be wrong to tie the hands of a future New Zealand government for eight years while a single new treaty is negotiated.

The Kyoto Protocol was the triumph of politics and bureaucracy over science and reason.

It was a lot more about being seen to do something than actually making a difference.

It was riddled with inconsistencies and its one-rule-fits-all approach

The best thing done to address climate change is not anything achieved through the ETS imposed under Kyoto but the  New Zealand-initiated Global Research Alliance on agriculture greenhouse gases.

Instead of the tax-it approach taken by Kyoto and its supporters this initiative brings countries together to find ways to increase food production while minimising emissions.

Kyoto and its supporters take a negative approach, the Global Alliance takes a positive one.

2 Responses to Kyoto is the past

  1. If we don’t price carbon into the economy why would any technologies spun off from the Global Research Alliance get picked up? Emissions reductions will only work if emissions cost something, surely?


  2. JC says:

    “Emissions reductions will only work if emissions cost something, surely?”

    Recessions and fracking do a great job too. The US emission levels are now back to 1990 levels.

    As stated by many at the beginning of the process Kyoto could not work because it didn’t cover “developing” countries (and Australia got a massive emission discount because of some dodgy dealing), and it was massively opposed by the US (China, Brazil, South Africa, Canada, Italy, India and others soon enough joined with the US).

    In addition, Germany, that most vociferous green nation, simply ignored the rules and intent of Kyoto by building 13 big coal powered plants to provide energy (going to be several dozen more now they are decommissioning all their nuclear plants).

    Then there’s the scandals around the crony capitalism of the carbon traders that have collapsed the carbon price from $30-40 per tonne of CO2 to $6, the solar and wind rorts and the long ago recognised research that draconian restrictions on carbon have no significant reductions over even 100 years.

    Yes, Kyoto is the past, but the crony capitalism and corruption associated with it is the current and immediate future.



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