Saturday smiles

A couple of children were sitting on their lawn watching a cat with her new kittens.

A man on a bike stopped to admire them and asked what sort of kittens they were.

“There’s reds and greens,” one  little girl answered.

The cyclist was delighted by this, pulled out his mobile phone, called a  friend who was MP, who called a PR strategist and told her the story.

The strategist was thrilled and alerted her media contacts who scheduled a photo-op for the net day.

The following day the cyclist was accompanied by several MPs and a media entourage returned to the street where the children were again watching the cat and her kittens.

The cyclist introduced the entourage to the children and asked what sort of kittens they were.

“They’re blues,” the little girl replied.

“But”, said the cyclist, “yesterday they were reds and greens, why the change?”

“Today,” the little girl replied, “they’ve got their eyes open.”

2 Responses to Saturday smiles

  1. Paranormal says:



  2. TraceyS says:

    Poingnant, considering we are raising a generation of children who will as adults inevitably feel gulty by doing ordinary things like driving a car, using plastic bags, or eating bananas. And also for NOT doing prescribed things like recycling, composting, ridesharing or using both sides of the paper. Unless we parents are wise enough to open our kids’ eyes to take in a wider view…


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