Abuse is always wrong

The SPCA says it’s annual list of shame mirrors New Zealand’s violent society.

“Violence towards animals both co-occurs and is a predictor of violence towards humans”, says Robyn Kippenberger, National Chief Executive of the Royal New Zealand SPCA. “The sheer level of violence meted out on animals by some of the perpetrators in the cases in this year’s List of Shame is shocking, and underlying of wider issues in New Zealand.”

The Royal New Zealand SPCA, in partnership with Women’s Refuge, recently released research into the strong link between animal cruelty and domestic and family violence in New Zealand. This study, ‘Pets as Pawns’, showed that 50% of women interviewed had witnessed animal cruelty as part of their experience of domestic violence and 25% said their children had witnessed violence against animals. The research also revealed that one in three women surveyed reported delaying leaving violent relationships because they feared their pets and other animals would be killed or tortured. . .

Abuse is always wrong be it to people or animals and the list is truly shameful.

You can download the list here if you’ve the stomach for sickening reading.



2 Responses to Abuse is always wrong

  1. Suz says:

    Thank you so much for this post Ele.

    The SPCA do a magnificent job on a shoe-string budget, relying solely on the goodwill of the public, with no Govt funding.

    As a bed and board supporter, we receive newsletters, photos etc of the often tortured, abused and neglected animals that our contributions go toward healing, often more than a little difficult to look at, or read.

    I would urge any of your readers to donate anything they can to this worthy cause, be they animal lover or not. The SPCA involve themselves in numerous pet-healing scenarios, from violent teenagers in what was once known as “borstals”, often the first time they’ve given or received pure affection, thru’ to elderly patients in rest-homes.


  2. A Voice Today says:

    Such a sad bunch of people out there really. How can people be so sick!


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