RIP Southern Man

Speights Southern man is a victim of increasing urbanisation.

After more than 12 years on New Zealand television, the Speight’s Southern Man has been axed . . .

The Speight’s icon was originally played by Frank Whitten, who also appeared in Outrageous Fortune. Mr Whitten died early last year. 

Speight’s marketing manager Jonte Goldwater told NBR ONLINE that scrapping of the character had nothing to do with the loss of Mr Whitten. . .

Mr Goldwater told NBR ONLINE it was a long and hard decision, but the brand needed to acknowledge change.

He says the urbanisation of New Zealand meant the relevance of the outdoor life had changed. . .

I don’t drink Speights, or any other beer come to that. But if I did the idea that the outdoor life depicted in the Southern Man series is no longer relevant would have me crying into it.

You can see the new ad here.

I may be a traitor to my gender but I prefer the old series which started with this:



2 Responses to RIP Southern Man

  1. Alwyn says:

    I thought that the old ads were funny but I didn’t think that they would sell the product. They implied that if you drank Speights you were half-witted. Would you really want to be like that gormless kid in the ad? Would you admit that you drank Speights and were as moronic as the people shown in their advertisement or would you avoid the product?
    Presumably they were successful, at least in the eyes of the manufacturer, though or they wouldn’t have kept making them.


  2. Alwyn clearly doesn’t understand the mind of the urban beer drinker up here in Auckland.
    In the last decade Speights has overtaken Lion Red(like a fire engine) in virtually every way it can be bought. “Good on yer mate”


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