Politics ‘too complicated’

More than a third of British graduates admit that politics and government are too complicated.

Regardless of what sort of degree they’ve undertaken, graduates are supposed to have learned to research, reason, enquire and think.

If people with those skills can’t apply them to politics there’s little hope for the rest of the voting public.

. . . 36 per cent of people educated to degree level agreed with the statement that “politics and government seem so complicated that a person like me cannot really understand what is going on”. Among those who left school at 16 the rate was 65 per cent.

People in some countries are still dying for democracy and yet these people in Britain with centuries of democratic tradition can’t be bothered to do the little required to understand what’s what with the people who run the country and spend so much of their money.

But is it any better here?

When asked to list things which they liked least about Britain’s political system, 53 per cent cited “the quality of our politicians”. . .

That’s with a First Past the Post electoral system where the candidates have to win the support of voters.That doesn’t guarantee their quality or ability but it does mean they have to campaign on their own merits.

While MMP has brought in some very able politicians through party lists, I’m sure we could all come up with a little list of others who wouldn’t stand a chance if they were elected directly by voters.

Hat tip: Tim Worstall

6 Responses to Politics ‘too complicated’

  1. Andrei says:

    Its not really complicated because there is nothing complicated about bullshit which is what politics is.

    It is about double talk and lies as the ruling class uses smoke and mirrors to advance their personal agendas and line the pockets of those they are beholden too.

    Your post below about food miles and the ETS illustrates this only too well.

    And you know most people don’t want democracy and nobody is dying to promote it. That is a fable we tell our selves. People want safety security. and to be left alone to get on with their lives in peace

    The civil disorders you see in the world are just one nasty bunch of people seeking to take power from another nasty bunch of people who currently have it and who will play Western fools like violins by pretending to support “democracy” which we also pretend we have. We don’t, we have theater where we pretend to pick our rulers who are really only fronts for our real rulers who let them take the glory and consequences of power while not really having it.


  2. homepaddock says:

    The Legatum Insitute’s findings show what people need and want, which does as you say include safety and security and personal freedom which is being elft alone to get on with lives in peace. But it also says: “Accountable government is a key stepping stone to prosperity. 27 of the top 30 countries are democracies.”

    Click to access PI2012_Brochure_Final_Web.pdf


  3. Neil says:

    Ele this doesn’t surprise me at all !!
    You and I are on a permanent campaign politically !!! We see how important it is to our values and society.
    I have travelled in 50 countries and not one has seen politics as being crucial to their everyday life-mistaken I think.
    Politicians are seen as being self seeking,overpromising and underdelivering and on a par with a real estate agent.
    You and I would see that differently. I see public service as a top drawer occupation but the public see politicians of all ilks as people with feet of clay.
    One has to see the current US election with probably upwards of $2billion spent on negative ads and half truths.
    There may be an element of truth in some of those ads but they have played the man(person) rather than the ball(policy)
    Obama has no record to run on so he spends millions early in the year smearing Romney. One TV debate wiped that message out. Millions for nothing.


  4. Captain Fantastic says:

    Nonsense Neil. Totally disagree. Politicians don’t make the world happen. It is people getting up in the morning that make the world happen. Politicians don’t feed the world. They only make things worse. They are the parasites of the world. Read Adam Smith and his unseen hand. Less politics & less politicians, the better. Politicians don’t have any values. Anything is on the block. They would legalise cannibalism if there was enough votes in it. Moral relativism. In a moral wasteland.


  5. robertguyton says:

    Yeah, Neil – read Adam Smith and his unseen hand, that’ll learn ya!

    I thought, Neil, your comment,

    “You and I (Ele) are on a permanent campaign politically !!! We see how important it is to our values and society.”

    was very interesting indeed! I very much enjoy your candid comments – you are so refreshing and honest!

    I align with many of your thoughts, Neil, it may surprise and dismay you to learn 🙂


  6. Captain Fantastic says:

    I always thought that Robert & Neil were brothers. At least they share a Spiritual Home.


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