Young Farmers top 2000

New Zealand Young Farmers has passed the 2000 member milestone:

Founded in 1932 New Zealand Young Farmers is in its 80th year with over 90 Clubs around New Zealand.

 Only seven years ago membership sat at just 450 people. Since then there has been a steady increase year by year and to reach 2000 members is hugely significant and rewarding for this non-profit organisation.

New Zealand Young Farmers CEO Richard Fitzgerald says, “to reach 2000 members is an important milestone for Young Farmers. It has been many years since we have had this number of members so it’s a good sign the organisation is in a healthy position”.

In the early 90’s membership was last at where it is today and with the introduction of programmes such as AgriKids and TeenAg over previous year’s highlights the organisation is dedicated to growing the skills and opportunities of the younger generation and developing them into fully fledged New Zealand Young Farmer members.

Mr Fitzgerald says “the really exciting thing about this is what is going on within the organisation. Over the past few years Young Farmers has continued as a fun place for people to connect, meet their mates and it is also building the leadership and personal skills of these people too. It is a good combination and is working well”. . . 

Membership peaked at about 7,000 in the late 1970s and early 80s.

The decline began with the ag-sag of the mid to late 1980s and continued for more than a decade.

Passing 2,000 members is a remarkable turn around for the organisation which reflects well on the members responsible for recruitment and retention.

It is also a symptom of the resurgence of farming and farm support.

Young  Farmers is a social organisation where life-long friendships are forged but it is also a training ground for leadership.

The increase in membership good not just for Young Farmers and young farmers. It is also good for rural New Zealand.

If we could recruit those of the 2,000 plus Young Farmers who aren’t already Young Nationals it would be even better for the whole country 🙂

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