Water wrongs

At 10 this morning the High Court will hear the Maori Council’s pleas for an injunction against the government’s plans to sell a minority share in Mighty River Power.

Is  this motivated by:

A) a principled belief that Maori own water.

B) politics.

C) the hope of more money for Maori.

D) the certainty of more money for lawyers.

E) ?

27 Responses to Water wrongs

  1. Roger says:

    E) B, C and D ?


  2. robertguyton says:

    John Key is intent on selling our energy assets.

    Is this motivated by:

    A) a misguided belief that he owns them .

    B) politics.

    C) the hope of more money for himself.

    D) the certainty of more money for the wealthy.

    E) all of the above


  3. homepaddock says:

    F) The need to reduce borrowing.


  4. Roger says:

    Guyton – how do you suggest your question C? might be transacted?


  5. robertguyton says:

    Ele – reduce borrowing by selling assets?
    Plain stupid.
    National has continued to borrow at a frightening rate, yes? Now, 4 years into their term, the are reduced to selling necessary stuff. That seems blunt and desperate to me. Is that the best Key and English could do? I expected better.
    Roger – Key’s no slouch when it comes to making money from money. He’d be the one to ask about that. Rest assured, he’ll know.


  6. Roger says:

    Robert – I was referring to your casual corruption slur in C. You did not say making money from mpney – quite the opposite.

    As it happens New Zealand needs people who know how to make money. There are too many who know how to spend other peoples money. We need wealth creators – Labour are still tax and spend and the Greens are just loony. Once you add in externalities your smart jobs are just rubbish.


  7. robertguyton says:

    Wealth creation, Roger?
    National has certainly failed then.
    Have you examples of wealth this Banks/Key Government has created?
    All I see is them shifting it around, and in the direction of themselves.


  8. inventory2 says:

    Ignoring Robert Guyton’s inevitable contribution, I’d venture to suggest that it’s a combination of B, C and D. Although given that the Maori Council is still battling to find the $400k it requires for the lawsuit (which would buy a lot of Mighty River Power shares 😀 ), D may be at the lesser end of the scale for the Maori Council, but at the higher end for its lawyers.


  9. fredinthegrass says:

    Then, Rg, I respectfully suggest you take off your tinted glasses and look at the broader issue – that which is how well we are ‘weathering’ the difficult international financial climate – a fact which is backed by respected independent international commentators.

    Roger @ 10.31 sums it up rather succinctly.


  10. inventory2 says:

    Would you care to provide evidence that Banks and Key are creating wealth for themselves Robert, or is this just another baseless smear using the Shearer Burden of Proof?


  11. Roger says:

    Robert – where did I suggest the Government or National was a wealth creator? Your baseless smears are repulsive and your prejudice blinds you. The Government’s job is to get out of the road and let private wealth creators create the jobs we all want.

    Which wealth have Banks and Key either themselves or their government shifted to themselves? Examples pleasse.

    And by the way a tax cut is not shifting wealth to Banks or Key it is the Government taking less at the front end.

    The real examples of people making policy decisions to enrich themselves were the the ill disguised inducements in the final years of Labour – WFF and interest fee Student loans. These were solely aimed at electoral success for Labour.


  12. inventory2 says:

    Robert’s silence is deafening Roger 😀


  13. robertguyton says:

    One very easy example then, Roger – Key’s tax cuts-for-the-wealthy. Are you suggesting/pretending that he and John Banks didn’t benefit financially from those? Really? Clearly, they did benefit personally from them and I am correct in my claim and that’s just one example, easily presented. I’m amazed that you, Keeping Stock (whose self appoint job it seems to be, snapping at my heels) couldn’t see that! Takes all sorts and all hues of eye-wear, Fred.


  14. robertguyton says:

    Robert’s deafening silence, btw, is down to his being outside planting potatoes (earlier) and at a Dairy NZ presentation at the council (latterly). Tonight I’ll be at a presentation where my daughter is receiving an honour, so I guess I’ll be deafeningly silent then too, in your head anyway, Keeping Stock. Innuendo is, it seems, your closest friend.


  15. robertguyton says:

    “The Government’s job is to get out of the road and let private wealth creators create the jobs we all want.”

    Pure, ideology there, Roger. Mistaken to boot.
    I have to ask, given that you and Key have such faith in the ideology – WHERE ARE THE JOBS???
    (‘Australia’ doesn’t count as a useful answer)


  16. Roger says:

    Please answer the question Robert – I said tax cuts will not be an example. Tax cuts are not an example of the the Government transferring wealth to Banks and Key. It was never the Government’s money.

    Please provide actual examples where the Government has tranferred wealth to Banks and Key through some action? It also doesn’t count to call their salaries/meeting fees wealth transfers but you will understand that well being a local government politician.


  17. robertguyton says:

    “I said tax cuts will not be an example.”

    Did you indeed! Doesn’t make it true though. Both men benefitted from the tax cuts, you know that. Wealth, in the form of tax cuts, shifted to Key and Banks. That’s my position. Declare it ‘out of bounds’ if you like, I don’t care. Banks seems to have benefitted from some wealth that was shifted from KIm Dotcom as well, and from Sky City. Maybe you will declare that ‘off the table’ as well! I’d say, under the table, but I know that will inflame you.


  18. Roger says:

    54,000 created last count. By private capital.

    I’ll hazard you haven’t created one?

    Me? Put me down for five new jobs created this year.


  19. Roger says:

    Nothing is off the table. The tax cuts did not shift wealth to Banks and Key. The tax cuts meant wealth wasn’t taken from them. IT DID NOT SHIFT. Move your lips Robert, you may see what I mean.


  20. robertguyton says:

    The unemployment figures then…fabricated, you think?


  21. robertguyton says:

    Didn’t shift from the Government coffers, where it was going, to the pockets of Key and Banks?


  22. jabba says:

    the so called tax cuts were simply reversing what Labour did when they became Govt in 99. I would like to thank John Key and his Govt for letting me keep more of MY money .. I’m sure that when Labour and the Gweens get into Govt, as early as 2014, they will steal more off me.


  23. Roger says:

    It’s a beautiful thing. Capitalism not a miracle. Socialism relies on miracles.


  24. Roger says:

    Dunno – different subject. You’re the fabrication expert. I just create new jobs, You?


  25. fredinthegrass says:

    IMHO, Rg, you have failed miserably to argue your point with any reason or clarity of thought – round to Roger et alia.
    However, I feel you have enjoyed the repartee?
    Revel in your daughter’s success tonight!


  26. robertguyton says:

    “The so-called tax-cuts…” that sums up the delusion that is embedded in all the claims here; it didn’t happen! I wasn’t there! You can’t prove anything!
    Well, Fred, I felt no need to argue anything, just play. Good fun, as you say. Off to town now and thanks for your encouragement. I’m already revelling!


  27. jabba says:

    we are wasting our fingerprints on the tax cut (or reversal of the tax increase) here with Bob.
    It’s dinner time.


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