1 Young Nat beats Labour Party

A Young Nat took part in Live Below the Line – living on just $2.25 a day for five days.

She raised more than $2,000 in sponsorship.

The Labour Party took part and raised $1,986.

One student managed to make more money for charity than Labour.

Can we claim another victory for the principles of self-reliance and capitalism against socialism?



6 Responses to 1 Young Nat beats Labour Party

  1. robertguyton says:

    My daughter took part in the same programme, Ele. She’s no Young Nat, nor does she count how much she raised as the measure of her success. Her reward came from being one of many making a sacrifice for those in need.
    It’s the Green way 🙂


  2. homepaddock says:

    The point of the sacrifice was to raise money for those in need, not just make an empty gesture for self promotion.

    The Labour MPs got publicity for themselves but raised less money than the Young Nat who was simply doing her best to help others.


  3. homepaddock says:

    To clarify, I’m not accusing your daughter of making an empty gesture for self promotion. Someone her age wouldn’t have the opportunities and contacts to raise funds that MPs would.


  4. Mike says:

    Hi there,
    Great little snippet – awesome job by the Young Nat beating the Labour party efforts! There are a couple things you should remember though.

    1) The Labour Party MPs raised more money than the National Party MPs.

    2) Some die hard supporters of other parties of similar ages raised more money than this young Nat.

    3) Fundraising is only half of what LBL was all about. The other part of it is awareness raising and helping people build a personal connection with the issue of extreme poverty. Don’t disrespect this side of the campaign which is equally as important as the funds raised. The benefits may be much more subtle and long term, but they’re equally as important. I was involved in helping organize LBL so I understand this.

    Nice little article, but don’t blow the significance out of proportion. Cheers,


  5. Beau Murrah says:

    The achievement is admirable, but I don’t think your blog post turning this into a partisan hack thing is. To be completely fair I don’t think Labour MP’s or others promotion of this that seemed to make it something partisan is admirable either.

    I wrote about more about it here:



  6. homepaddock says:

    The primary motivation for the post was to applaud the young woman’s fund raising.

    I’d read media releases from Labour MPs saying they were doing the Living Below the Line and was surprised at how little they’d raised. I thought there were five of them so that’s not quite $400 each which isn’t much of an effort when compared with an individual’s more than $2000, which was almost all from lots of little donations.

    I didn’t know any National MPs were doing it.

    The comment about capitalism vs socialism was tongue in cheek.


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