Old system wrote beneficiaries off

Interesting statistics of the day from Eric Roy:

In 2004, 66% of people on Sickness Benefit and 45 % on Invalids Benefits were interested or very interested in looking for work.

Of 539,000 disabled people surveyed in 2006, more than 40% were working – 75% full time.

The current assessment system for people receiving Sickness or Invalids Benefit tells us a mere 6.5% are fit for part-time work. . .

It’s difficult to believe that so many people on Sickness and Invalids benefits were interested in working eight years ago but only 6.5% are fit for at least part-time work now.

Simply put, the old system has been writing these people off and ignoring the fact that work is important; socially, financially and therapeutically.

National wants a welfare system with services and attitudes that help people reach their potential and change their lives for the better.

The Opposition and their supporters who are criticising National’s welfare reforms are arguing against helping people help themselves.

Some people will never be able to support themselves but that is no reason to not encourage, and where necessary help, those who can to do so.



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