Bite-sized politics for dumbies

Is this a winning recipe for politics?

A political party, I think we’ve all now come to realise, must offer a small number of bite-sized morsels that can be assimilated by at least the upper end of a voting population dumbed down by state schools and state television.

A political party must accommodate attention spans that are microscopically short, and the anti-conceptual mentality: the inability to think in principles. . .

. . . Now, a libertarian political party in New Zealand must count on at least five per cent of voters who can concentrate for a few minutes, and can connect dots, in spite of having gone to school—and even worse, university—or can elevate themselves to that status during an election campaign. Either way, it must err on the side of brevity, concreteness, simplicity and the short term.

This is Lindsay Perigo’s view, expressed in his speech to the Liberty conference.

One Response to Bite-sized politics for dumbies

  1. cracker666 says:

    Unfortunately he’s dead right, but omits that they must also rely on a media that isn’t pre-disposed to libertarian politics and therefore they will have to build a pretty solid social media base (amongst other things).


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