Is the Meat Workers Union trying to hide something?

The Meat Workers’ Union  has been given a deadline of October 12 to provide consolidated accounts for the 2011 financial year to the Registrar of Incorporated Societies.

It’s been given more time to provide similar details for the previous five years since the national union took over the branches which had been incorporated societies in their own right.

Allan Barber has been on the trail of the missing accounts for almost a year.

The whole story makes very interesting reading and raises several questions, not least of which is: is the union trying to hide something and if not, why hasn’t it been filing accounts as required to by law?



2 Responses to Is the Meat Workers Union trying to hide something?

  1. Roger says:

    I’ll be interested in Guyton’s observations on the complete lack of transparency and accountability by the union organisations. The silence from the left on union financial transparency and accountability is beyond deafening. The sometime series by The Owl at Whale’s place is a good scene setter.


  2. jabba says:

    a bit harsh HP .. money things are not the lefts strong point


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