All Blacks win inaugural Rugby Championship

The All Blacks 54 – 15 win over the Pumas has made them the winners of the inaugural Rugby Championship.

Win or lose in next week’s match against South Africa, the All Blacks are the Championship champions.

The expansion of the Tri-Nations to include Argentina has been good for rugby.

The Pumas were always going to be the under-dogs but they drew against South Africa at home and had a win against the Wallabies in Australia.

They also scored first in both matches against the All Blacks.

Hopes of beating New Zealand for the first time today weren’t realised but while they lost the match they were not disgraced.


3 Responses to All Blacks win inaugural Rugby Championship

  1. I have already floated the idea of a trip to South America next year with She Who Must Be Obeyed. We may have to pick your brains Ele, given your knowledge of Argentina.

  2. homepaddock says:

    Happy to help and would definitely recommend it – this gives a good description of what it was like to be at the game:

  3. pdm says:

    HP the Pumas played in to the All Blacks hands a bit by changing the game plan. It meant they made too many basic errors which gave the ball to the AB’s.

    Still there first try was probably the best of the match and they did not give up. In a couple of years they will be more of a force, especially if they have a good development plan and can have all of their top players available. The latter may be a problem if the French and British clubs which pay their wages become obstructive and refuse to release players – like the British soccer and league clubs do from time to time

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