Customer service – spot the flaws

The call came from Meridian Energy about a final meter reading.

Caller: “The contractor went to do the final reading on Tuesday but couldn’t get in to the house.”

Me: “No-one lives in the house, the key is here.”

Caller: “Yes, I told them that and they were to call in to the house or office to get the key but they said no-one was there.”

Me: “Which day was that?”

Caller: “Tuesday.”

Me: “Some one was in the office from 8.30 until 4ish and I was in the house all afternoon.”

Caller: “Well, they said no-one was home and I want to book them again.”

Me: “Could they ring before they come to make sure someone will be here?”

Caller: “I can ask them but they have their own mobile phones and don’t like using them because they have to pay for them.”


This call was from an energy company but it could have been from numerous others which expect you to hang about waiting for them.

Mobile phones ought to make it so much easier for them to let you know when they’re likely to come.

Instead too many use them only to communicate with their own company and don’t worry about the customer.

4 Responses to Customer service – spot the flaws

  1. dave53 says:

    Surely the issue is that Meridian Energy (or its contractor) is too tight to let its meter readers have mobile phones? And that the meter readers are paid so poorly (probably the minimum wage) that they can’t afford to make calls on their own phones (which they likely have instead of more expensive landlines)?

    That’s my reading of what Meridian said to you.


  2. homepaddock says:

    Dave, I wasn’t blaming the contractor. Employees shouldn’t have to use their own phones unless they’re reimbursed for work-related calls.


  3. Richard says:

    Meridian -along with other big energy companies -do not care about “domestic” customers- too much effort for low return.


  4. pdm says:

    Been there – done that with Meridian. In 2002 so obviously nothing has changed.

    We had sold our house in Waipawa and moved to Hastings a week ahead of settlement to give time for cleaning at our leisure and the collection of old treasures after 20 years residence.

    Dealing with Meridian then was the stuff that leads to high blood pressure so good luck in getting a resolution. In 2002 it was almost impossible to speak to someone with a `bit of clout’ or nous at Meridian.


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