Spot the contradiction

Did anyone notice the contradiction in two of Labour’s policies?

Last week Dunedin North MP David Clark was trying to get support for his Bill to increase the minimum wage.

At the same time list MP David Parker was, and still is, trying to get the government to meddle with the exchange rate to decrease the value of the dollar which will in effect cutting the real wages of all New Zealanders.

Both policies are misguided and one contradicts the intent of the other.

One effective way to take pressure off the value of the dollar is tighter fiscal policy but Labour has fought tooth and nail against every policy National has introduced to cut costs in the public sector.

One Response to Spot the contradiction

  1. Gravedodger says:

    Parker’s Idiotic “me too” warbling as he attempts to join the dwarfs appeal to the ignorant is just plain scary.

    With our inability to enter foreign exchange markets to influence the $NZ needing to be highlighted at every opportunity, as we have minimal reserves or resources to accomplish anything other than bankruptcy, the options Parker and Peters will never articulate should be pounced on by the Media and exposed for the ridiculous notions they are
    The only half cocked ways to bring the dollar down are 1, to print money and the accompanying inflationary results of that option will be catastrophic , or 2 return to The disastrous policies of the late unlamented Robert Muldoon with controls that would find favour in the benighted economy of North Korea..
    As one with few options to alter my retirement funds either of those are suicidal IMAVHO.

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