Unsung hero of hydatids eradication

Dog dosing used to be a regular occurrence for pets and working dogs.

The aim was to prevent the spread of hydatids which could be fatal in humans.

That we no longer have to worry about the disease is a great achievement.

The ODT reminds of us this in a profile of Geoff Neilson who played  a key part in eradication of hydatids.

The successful eradication of hydatids, a disease that caused significant numbers of deaths and hospital admissions in    New Zealand, was a great achievement – and one that went almost    unnoticed, Geoff Neilson says.   

      In 1971, Mr Neilson was elected to the Hydatids Council,  initially as a Young Farmers representative, and through his  involvement with the council contributed to both the      enhancement of sheep-meat quality and the eradication of the   disease. . .

Following the link above will take you to the rest of the profile of one of the unsung heroes to whom we owe gratitude for the eradication of hydatids.

NZ Farmers Weekly also has a profile.

2 Responses to Unsung hero of hydatids eradication

  1. Andrei says:

    It is hard to imagine an achievement as “unsexy” as hydatids eradication.

    Not the stuff of Oscar winning movies or gushy TV interviews.

    Write a banal song ditty that gets airplay on Los Angeles radio stations for a week or two and you will be remembered for the rest of your life – the nation will mourn your passing.

    But achieve something that is as significant as this and it is a big yawwwwwn.

    Is it any wonder that it is extremely hard to convince kids to put in the mental sweat required to grasp science and mathematics when they can get the same “credits” for fluff like media studies which require little effort and give the appearance (not the reality for many) of leading to an exciting life in the fast lane. And of course all of those kids with their “achieved” in Media Studies consider themselves far too good to pick apples in the orchards so we import people from Fiji to do the work that is beneath our “educated” young.


  2. homepaddock says:

    Sadly you are right – scientists and science rarely get the recognition they deserve and the school system makes it easy for pupils to choose the dessert subjects rather than the meat and vegetables ones the country needs more.


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