It might be a good story . . .

Paper Plus is promoting this book as one of Kerre’s choices:

This Way Of   Life
Sumner   Burstyn
This is the book of the multi award winning documentary of the same name.   It’s the tale of the Ottley-Karena family and their incredible life living in   and around the Ruahine Ranges. Mum, Colleen, dad, Peter and their seven kids   have absolutely nothing – in terms of material possessions – but they are   rich beyond belief – in terms of life skills, love and appreciation for what   is truly important… read more

It might be a good book, well written with an interesting story and stunning photos but I think the author’s recent rant and subsequent publicity will be a strong deterrent for many who might otherwise have bought it.

3 Responses to It might be a good story . . .

  1. Freddy says:

    I watched the doco, very moving and well worth anyones time viewing it, but please please bare in mind this story is not about B S-B.


  2. Dave53 says:

    Notoriety sells. That’s why they’ve decided to market it at this time.


  3. Cadwallader says:

    You are politely moderate. One of the reasons I enjoy this site.


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